a kiss with a fist is better than none

i just wanted to wear a sweatshirt and leggings today, and so this is what happened. ha. its super comfy but also i feel like i am part of an all girls 90s hip hop trio. which i like..

Sweatshirt: Torn // lace tee: i still love you (i will be making more of these!) // metal feather and anchor double chain necklace //  floral print leggings: Target // Leather half gloves: Topstitch Boutique // Double bunny Rabid Fox* Ring // Folded leather boots: Boutique 9

i went to the coffee shop this morning and ran into Ryan from ManMan — an AMAZING philly band.. actually the last time i saw them play was on an incredibly hot and humid manhattan summer evening.  they played in an amphitheater on the east river.. it was the day i was laid off from my soul sucking job. best day of my life.

*i am so so so pleased to say that my amazing friend linda smyth’s jewelry line  Rabid Fox is now available at Need Supply! CONGRATULATIONS LINDA!


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