New Earrings!

check out these earrings i just made inspired by earring Isabella Laughland wore – I loved them so much that i decided to do a DIY and contest for The Frisky which you can check out here. Since i made them tho i have been so excited to play on this theme. i am already using very different materials and techniques and i have plans, my friend, plans for them!

nylon, chain and pearl leaf like earrings… when hanging still they remind me of the brugmansia flowers that grow outside of my aunts apartment in west hollywood and when you move the fabric flutters in the most beautiful way. i plan on continuing to play with opacity and a lot more with length — yay-excited

and if you want to try to win them just check out the DIY slideshow, you can find the deets there!


6 thoughts on “New Earrings!

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