so ive been meaning to post about all the yumminess i’ve been part of since i have been back in the states and i just havent.  boo me.  anywho i thought with all of the change of the season yuckyness that has inevitably been going around and unfortunately has hit my home twice now already, id share a fantastic/fast/easy and soooo yummy recipe for some great chicken soup. it’s loosely based on Tom Yum, very light in flavors, not thick in the least and the vegetable still have their crispiness because they’re added at the end. takes about a half an hour and feeds about a million.


chicken breast

lots of garlic

fresh ginger



egg noodles

really good tomatoes

fresh cilantro

the juice of several fresh limes

chicken or veggie stock

salt and pepa

anything else you want to put into it!

so.  take a big pot, heat up a little olive oil and then sear the chicken on each side till a little golden, remove. saute onions, garlic and ginger until translucent.  slice chicken breasts roughly and throw em back in. add the stock, sliced mushrooms and lime juice. bring to a boil and add egg noodles. cook until al dente. turn heat off and add the tomatoes and cilantro.  done!

i’ve added snap peas, celery and scallions to the above pictured, and obvz through out the winter the ingredients will change due to the sparseness of produce — but some other things that would be really good are fresh jalapenos, carrots, spinach, bok choy, coconut milk….

a big pot usually lasts us a whole week of dinners and a few lunches too. i hope you try this, it’s been a crowd pleaser for years and is literally a no brainer.  let me know if you do – i’d love to know how it goes!



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