bide my time

i am very much enjoying sass and bide’s fall collection… i just want to know how to get some of it on me.  really cool hair too,, think i can do that with my new quaff?

so how are you anyway?  excited for the weekend?  i only have one day this weekend as i have a pretty intensive photo shoot on Sunday — but im excited for it..  we are shooting in a stunning home in manhattan a very speak easy kind of a place… ill be styling the band in a modern/tribal/victorian way with just a touch of boudicca and rum running/bootlegging influences. and a few pinches of 1990’s african politician.  defs will be good. i’ll be shooting some b roll too so you can have some (tiny) sneak peaks before the images come out..

One thought on “bide my time

  1. can’t wait to see today’s shoot! i just picked up a pair of awesome boots. i’d like to see dressing up and dressing down with boots that’s going on now.
    isly~ lots

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