the ice queen

so often we think of Anna Wintour as the icey eyed empress of fashion, deciding who and what makes it into magazines and therefore popular culture, we think of Tim Gunn calling her out, or, personally, i think of my girlfriends who have had her come into their showrooms — one girl at starbucks, waiting at the front of the line, letting everyone pass, until she receives word that the car is coming towards the office when she will then order the extra hot skim latte. the office, whose temperature is lowered by almost 10 degrees – Miss Wintour likes the room cold.  Everyone else?  Cowering behind the scenes until the meeting is over, praying she is pleased and will approve.  i was so excited to come across these images of young Anna Wintour of her in the early 90’s.  Even tho grunge was the fashion, i never expected to see her wearing a sweatshirt or leggings — or smiling for that matter.  she’s quite lovely when she smiles… also, i would wear all of these outfits – i guess that’s why she gets to be the boss of fashion ha

um, giant gold stud necklace on a gold lame spandex top?! yes pls.

sweetheart top?! uuh uuh uuh. multi color pleated shorts uuuuuuuhhhh.

Anna, where are you pointing?  you want me to come with you?  to fashion heaven?  oh it’s right over there where you are pointing?  ok i’ll come with you!

ok – and the im trowing this one in even tho it is from even before the 90’s!  she’s so lovely!  hearts

90’s photographs were taken by Ron Galella/

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