throw down style

so i dont know if he’ll agree with me, but i felt like i was channeling Christopher Garbushian with this look.  if you aren’t familiar, he is one half of the amazing design duo I Love Factory.  they are incredibly talented and always stylish.  their millinery skillz are phenom too.  i recently sold a piece of theirs to this beautiful british indian girl wearing vivienne westwood, and who’s every other word was chic.  it was. she was. they are.  i try.  love you!

some super old vintage i havent worn in AGES — weird button down and plaid shorts.  actually the last time i wore those shorts i think i was living in philadelphia still, over at Ms. Stallones house hanging out with her and Senor Doyle.  i was wearing a white tee shirt and white slip ons. don’t ask, my memory is visual.  same boys nautica blazer im always wearing, torn UP stockings, navy blue patent leather combat boots, glasses stolen from my lovely friend Dru, new Nars lipstick in heat wave.

2 thoughts on “throw down style

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