a sheer thing

i’ve been obsessing over the sheer maxi for a little while now – it is a still budding trend after all – but im starting to find more people wearing the trend every day now…  mostly models and Europeans, the style is coming to urban outfitters – and i guess then the rest of the country…  i have plans to make a few skirts and dresses – defs for myself – maybe for sale too….  but while we all imagine what awesomeness i plan on making in the next few weeks, check out these rad ladies who are already rocking this bad ass look.

Abbey Lee Kershaw looks phenom in this sheer and lace dress, combat boots, coordinating jacket and bright red lips. loooove.

here is an amazing black chiffon version – the seams make a really lovely detail

the stripes and looseness of this maxi dress are so pretty, and the motorcycle jacket give this look the perfect amount of edge

this dress could easily be straight out of the hot topic in the mall, but with the cool shoes and draped leather jacket, the spiderwebs look sophisticated rather than costumey


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