Manish Arora

lets go an a crazy acid trip through an origami my little pony rave.  we enter what feels like Hollywood where the gates of Chinatown and the dragons on them turn into sculptural ruffles, chest pieces, armor on shoulders and some of the best stockings ever.  magic eye almost sea urchin like polkadots create vibrations on the models, layered on top of themselves in multitudes of  ruffles and beautiful drape.  brightly colored vinyl leggings are paired with textural shorts and dresses and hips are accentuated with triangular shapes and warrior like armor.  more literal Hollywood inspiration comes out in the stunning sequin dresses covered in scenes of skylines, waves and palm trees.  and although there are quite a few weird costume pieces, there are also quite a few wearable pieces -dolphin shorts, pegged and mullet skirts, trousers with undulating ruffles at the side seams, beaded bib tanks, and leggings can all be worn by women other than Daphne Guinness – and those beaded vinyl tights – pair them with some black draped dress like this one and you have the most perfect outfit.  ever.


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