duck duck goose

it is almost October and i am starting to imagine cool crisp fall days walking through the west village watching the leaves change colors and smelling the pastries at Magnolia as all the crazies stand in line for a cupcake.  Sundays are my favorite for walking around the city, chic parents are out with their adorably dressed children; sweaters with shawl collars layered over lace and velvet, leather fringe and little tufts of feathers, military greens, dark chocolate browns and dusty blacks with pops of navy, orange and cream.  We’ll walk along the High Line looking at women layering chiffon and tribal beads, combining tweed shorts with knit thigh high stockings and duck shoes.  After that it will be off to Greenwich Village to pop into a gallery and then over to a cute tucked away bar for a heady beer and some oysters.  The sun will set and we will go home, smiling and holding hands and saying “i love this city..”

collage made from images from Free People


One thought on “duck duck goose

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