Jeremy Laing

i wasnt old enough in the early 90’s to recognize fashion history;  Isaac Mizrahi’s giant shoulders and flamboyant colors getting trumped by Marc Jacobs grunge and Calvin Klein’s heroin chic minimalism.  but this season is producing a lot of ultra minimal long lean silhouettes in leather, linnen, silk and sheer.  and as much as i love to pile on the textures and print mixing, quirky color combinations, severe Balmain shoulders and tons of jewelry, i am incredibly excited about the breath of fresh air coming in.  Jeremy Laing has been one of my favorites so far, instead of cold modernism there is an organic quality that makes his pieces seem ultra wearable and unpretentious.  his models are wearing fluid pieces of fabric draped just so to create modern lines infused with femininity.  and the jewelry to die for – incredibly on trend – giant iridescent crosses and rectangles tied to leather and suede strips.  endlessly wearable, comfortable, chic.

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