went hunting yesterday at one of my favorite secret spots (which means only half of brooklyn knows about it) and it was excellent.  going in the middle of the week makes such a difference – both with how empty the store is and the fact that therefore the owner was in a good mood and gave me great prices on the basket full of stuff i brought to the counter.  i love secret “junk shops” like this one, where you can still find antiques and all sorts of treasures buried amidst broken radios, ugly artwork and random yearbooks.

vintage milk glass bowls // hand made by Alison appetizer dish set // amazingly redic cropped gem sweater (is it a combination of this?!) // Christian Dior mens wool blazer (that fits my man like a GLOVE) // 100% cashmere mock neck sweater // amazingly beautiful watercolor flower silk scarf – the print and quality of the silk are very Prada F/W 2004 // sweet little blue and white pot to put things in // french connection floral MAXI SKIRT YESSSSSS – been lusting for one for MONTHS now // really funny cashmere and angora dicky // medical corset which i LOVE – think this // antique lace table cloth for future project which i will tell you nothing more of (for now!)

with all of those lovely browns, reds, ivorys and whites; tweeds, wools, silks and cashmere can you tell im ready for fall!!!


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