a few of my favorite things

recently i made an observation that when i was in london i was putting together really fun looks with the minimal pieces in my suitcase, and thought that maybe i needed less clothes to make more fun outfits.  and then i was like, yeah right, like ima get rid of ANYTHING.  anyway, i came home, allowed my suitcase to explode over the course of the last few weeks and BAM! it hit me – of course i want to wear the same 5 favorite pieces – i cant seeeeeeeee anything!!!

LONDON CLOTHES // ready for the packing

AMERICAN CLOTHES // ready for the smacking

poor shelf, covered in accessories..WTS! the flooooor!!  the patterns are pretty tho..shoezzzah zah zah i loves em

i know this is just a story about cleaning a room, but it feels so good to have everything in place.. putting earrings and necklaces and watches in boxes, re finding pieces ive had forever and realizing new combinations of things – its better than christmas!  and every time i go to walk in the room i get so excited!

you can see the floor!  and, yes, that IS an acid wash jean back pocket rug

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