shoez i makes em

so.  ive been seeing these boots on an internet a lot recently and then my gurl jacci posted a bunch of photos on her blog (booyeah! – being perf is hard ((for most peeps, not jacci))) anywho, ive been having a really busy slash productive week – which i LOVE – and so yesterday when i was cleaning and organizing i found a pair of cowboy boots i havent worn in years and decided to make my own pair of funny boots

***warning*** chains make shoes HEAVY – i recommend a. not trekking ACROSS manhattan the FIRST day you wear them b. maybe getting insoles and c. yeah, get insoles.

but ill tell you what, i don care how heavy they are cause dayum i like em

i wanted to wear them with a maxi skirt (cause im obsessed) but i din have one that worked..  but this did..

same vintage hat im always wearing // feather clip :: i still love you a/w 2010 // white vintage button down  // reworked vintage button skirt // textured gold chain belt with tassels // new shoes made out of old shoes and worn out belts


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