yummy brooklyn

after the last month abroad, eating the most delicious meats and cheeses, heavy creams and Pâté ive wanted nothing but simple clean food.  mostly veggies n fruit, lotsa vegetarian eating, a little vegan eating, but not carb heavy or bland in the least..

vegetarian toad in a hole-ish: sautéed mushrooms, fresh basil and egg whites with halved vine tomato toad in a hole with grilled pita and cucumber slicesbreaded eggplant pieces with marinara sauce and goat cheesemushroom risotto croquetes with guac and cream deliciousness saucelightly salted plantain chips with guacamole and salsashrimps with orange chipotlelunch, when you work by yourself: raw red onion, cucumber, avocado and goat cheese on wheat breadclean plate club (CPC) Tiffany and Co plate designed by Catherine Chapinonions, peppers, olive oil and salt: before the roastingeggplant//red pepper flakestomat//olive oilmushrooms, broccoli rabe, red pepper
we roasted all of the veggiesand used them all week long, in a myriad of waysgrabbing them from the fridge to make cold food to battle the hot humid nights (anti cooking)creamy balsamic tahini vinigrettegiant salad with homemade dressing//roasted veggiesopen faced: cucumber avocado red onion and goat cheesesalt n peppacold//naked lasagnaspicey /gazpacho/ baby mozzarellasauteed herbes de provence mushrooms, peas, rice omelet, salad, roasted veggiessmoooooothysalmon, cucumber and dill cream cheese pretzel sammie from Sigmund’s Pretzelscranberry lemon iced teaunlimited mushrooms egg white omeletroasted veggie //tomato paste and sriracha pasta pasta pastahome made granola//almond milk (yumz!)
thyme new potatoes, avocado, summer squash and garden burger

One thought on “yummy brooklyn

  1. Will you please feed me this well when I come to stay with you at the end of Sept!?! Looks amazing. I have been dining on dry salads, egg whites and soy patties trying to get the France outta me ; p

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