Yummy Spain

5 people. 18 hours.

tapas: chicken breast, brie or gruyère, baguettedark chocolate and walnut covered meringuebeertapas: prawn, hard boiled egg, onion, soured cream on baguettetapas: roasted red pepper, aubergine and pesto napoleontapas: ham and gruyère tarttapas: fresh crab tarttapas: 1. cremini mushroom, ham, prosciutto 2. oyster mushroom and hamtapas: gravlax, egg, crab salad on baguettetapas: fish salad sammiestapas: sardine, roasted red pepper, aubergine, parmesan, balsamic vinegarridiculously fresh calamarioctopus in olive oil, vinegar and spiceswhite asparagus with pesto and crème fraîchefreshly caught sole with seasoned new potatoesno more solemoist and savory pallela (mucho saffron)easy fried eggs, home fries, prosciutto, potato and cheese croquettespatatas bravas


One thought on “Yummy Spain

  1. I was in Spain in April. The food is delicious! Tapas were my favorite! The atmosphere alone was a great experience. Did you try any Tortilla while you were there? It’s a mixture of eggs and potatoes. When I was there, I ate a lot of ham. Did you have that experience as well? Great food, great vacation area!

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