so.  good news and bad news.  bad news first:  Delta “misplaced” our bags.  haha.  sooo, i’ve been in the same outfit for two days now, aah, that’s me, the fashionable scumbag.  uuugh. they “were in London” when we were at JFK, and they “were at JFK” when we arrived at Heathrow.  so.  “they will arrive” yay.  ALL of my favorites i packed (of course) haha c’est la vie!

now the good news, upgraded to business elite.  yes plz.  fully reclining seats, way too much food, free booze, and “fast passes” in customs so the line was a fraction of the length.  the only way to fly, really.. haha

some of the free stuff.. toothbrush, socks, ear plugs, canvas bag with zipperdown pillows and quilted blanketstrio of appetizers: artichoke hearts, gravlax, tom kahmixed greens salad with goat cheese and walnutssurf and turf with risotto and snap peasdesign your own sundae, white dessert wine

and the BEST NEWS! now that we are here, we got to meet the brand new addition!


she is perfect.  in every way.

when she left i cut my hair off.  it happens when im bored.  new, blunt bangs.  i like.


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