1/4 of july

so we went to the beach (Rockaway Park beach 116 to be exact) it is incredible how one can take the subway and go to a free beach only an hour away from the city. spent all day.  swimming, sunning – quite a bit of sun! drinking, lounging, and eating delicious peanut butter and jelly sammies.  its wild how much the beach drained us all!  the evening was spent low key – but absolutely perfect – grilling and watching rad DIY fireworks being set off from the loft buildings across the street…

home made salsa and chipsveggi skewers before the firebuuurgerrrrspeacehavarti cheeseburger with guacamole and salsa; strawberry, feta and bean sprout saladfirework obscured by treesdelicious salad and grilled veggi skewers yumzamazing sweet corn, didn’t even need butter or salti think its called ambrosia?! i love the jello sliding down my throat 🙂
playing on a M.R.Volpe painting


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