Creators Project, Part 3

obvis if there is a hot party with amazing bands in NYC the people in attendance are going to look stellar too.  i only snapped a few quick shots, but some of the major trends i saw there: Kente cloth enspired prints/fabrics in sundresses, jumpers and tops.  Strong shoulders are still hot, but definitely in a more futuristic way than a 1980’s one.. we’ll see more of this for a while now.  Early 90’s is also crazy trending.  FINALLY getting out of the 80’s – its about time!  Light washed denim, lace, ditzy florals, utilitarian boots, socks and sandals,  leopard print, baby doll dresses, draped oversize tanks, plaid  – no camo yet, but im sure that will come soon enough haha. i wonder if we will see dresses over jeans this fall or next?  but i digress… Oh yeah, jumpers and shorts!  a great replacement for the skirt, the short trend will defs continue thru holiday, paired with opaque tights and a platform wedge.  – man this heat is making me CRAVE fall!  I want to layer!!

aaaaaaand photos.  Creators Project, then Ace Hotel.

Haha im such a dork, Kirsten Dunst outside of the elevator before the doors closedlove the mixture of browns and play of texturefashion gang!Coco Rocha looking relaxed and stunning.  i love the ruffle detail on the skirt pockets! Click the photo to zoom and check out the massive and gorgeous wedding ring from new husband James Conranlove the combination of silky draped pieces, summery and sweet.  AND the socks with open toe sandals.  yes plz.

Drawing on a building with a laser beam. rad.oh wow, i drew a lady’s face.  surprise surprise.

After Creators Project we went with a few friends to the Ace Hotel to an amazing suite my friend Doug won from Vice Magazine.  Sorry to tell you once the party started the camera was put to bed, so you will just have to use your imagination.  Think drinking, dancing, singing, shouting, laughing.  lots.


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