Creators Project, Part 2

This party was so good – i want to live in it.  Especially the part where i was at the Die Antwoord performance.  Absolutely by far one of the best shows i’ve seen in a long while, Die Antwoord’s sound is massive, bassy, and oh so perfect for wiling out on the dance floor.  As much as YouTube has done for their career, the live act puts all of their videos to shame!   The audience was seething with energy – choruses circling in and out, building anticipation through next-level beats, ultimately crescendoing as audience members shot out of the churning mass of limbs, into the air – flailing and almost floating.

oh right, with three levels of music performances and art installs we passed thru Interpol on the way to Die Antwoord

All of the illustrations are done by front man Ninja

Yo-Landi Vi$$er (heart) – illustrated harem pant too – LOVE!

Ninja joins in on the crowd surfinglove the kicks


2 thoughts on “Creators Project, Part 2

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