Creators Project, Part 1

with the insane line up alone, the Creators Project could have easily cost mad loot to get into.  instead Vice Magazine and Intel teamed up to make an unbelievably well organized 3 floor party complete with open bar(s) free bbq and gelato, interactive art installations, a myriad of A list guest contributors – Spike Jones, Nick Zinner, Mark  Ronson (to name a FEW) as well as tons of A list attendees – Kirsten Dunst, Coco Rocha, Josh Hartnett……….  everyone looked fantastic, were in great moods, ready to chat with whomever and to dance the night away.  One of the first shows we went to was Sleigh Bells, a Brooklyn based dance-punk duo with crazy high energy music and stage presence.  RAD..

Spagetti and Meatball Cupcake

Also, i LOVE Julie’s nail polish color!  Seafoam green is one of my faves of the season.

Just a few of the art installations at Milk Studios:

..Sleigh Bells..


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