Welcome to flavor country

Adam and i have been living in Bushwick for the last 4 years and it is very exciting to see the neighborhood grow around us.  We absolutely feel a sense of community walking down the street; i can run into a friend at the grocery store, go to the coffee shop and chat with the baristas who’ve not only worked there for years, but have been to parties of ours, shared in the excitement of our engagement, and the ups and downs of New York life.   Therefore, when a neighbor told us about the opening of a new Venezuelan restaurant in the hood, i grabbed my camera and my man, and went over to Guacuco to sample the no frills cuisine.

Named after Playa Guacuco beach on Margarita island, Venezuela, the airy room is full of sweet figurines and funny little shell creatures smoking cigars, hand woven baskets and bright paint.

I was recommended the coconut milkshake, made of real coconuts and cinnamon, lightly sweet and unbelievably refreshing.  Summer in a glass.

Food arrives.  The selection, arepas with different fillings all sounded amazing.  We chose:

Shredded beef with salty cheese, sweet plantain and black beans

Chicken and Avacado

Think perfect balance of crispy, savory creamy and sweet.

The home made sauces (choice of spicy or aromatic) need to be bottled and sold to go.  i would live in them.

Our waiter, who is also the manager and son of the chef /owner: a lovely tiny woman with strong hands and a great smile – told us next time we come in he will simply bring us his recommendations (his own combinations of ingredients as fillings) “yes please” we said.

we left feeling happy the way only good food can make one feel.  and with each main course priced around $5-$6.50 it wasn’t just our stomachs that felt full.  Guacuco has come into the neighborhood and filled a void we didn’t know we had; and even though they just opened, as we left goodbyes were said as if we were all old friends, a sign that this new spot has a real shot of becoming an old favorite.

Guacuco Restaurant: 44 Irving Ave, Brooklyn NY


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