Memorial Day Weekend, Brooklyn, New York

this weekend was so beautiful.  hot. sunny.  humid.  and tons of fun things going on in the hood.  Our lovely friends were visiting from Oakland, CA and they couldnt have picked a better weekend.  A good friend of mine put together a 2 day roof party/show.  with over 10 bands a day – these parties were KILLER.  Adam and i went to saturdays party, then dancing till 4am, but with the past week as long as it has been (3am – 6am nights every night) sunday we took it easy and just had a quite day with some of my best friends. grilling. yes.



(neon painted madness.  really good show)

and here’s a grainy video of them from a few years ago.

(adam in his new sensual harassment tee)

this lovely gent kept finding free beers for me!

Dave Teller, the mastermind behind Bushwick Rooftop Festival and Mark Karges of 500MA, Stethoscopes, and Bad Credit No Credit


he brought more beer when it seemed that all may be lost!


really great live performance (and the bassist is kinda cute with his dorky self)

Miss Jacci Stallone, i took this photo for you.


(photos by Anneliis Beadnell)

urban farming

juicin.  getting ready for home made margaritas and spicy orange chipotle shrimps

Mila!!!!cool finds down at Rockaway Beach

sisters from different mistersorange chipotle grilled shrimps with roasted red and yellow peppers & mushroomsadams arm is growing out of my neck.


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