i still love you + convent nyc + fat baby = RAD

style icons

designer Ny Chhorm

designer Alisha Trimble – super love her stuff!!!

Stylist V Vernard

Model Shaun Ross

Shoes from Sally LaPointe’s Fall 2010 runway show

Painter M.R. Volpe, Architect Kevin Magee, Photographer Guillaume Gilbert

Designers Hui Kuo and Collina Strada (serz want one of her backpacks, nom)

blogger and style maven Mari J Brooklyn

lookin good, looking REAL GOOD

Leopard Milkshake

Todd Thomas of Sensual Harassment and filmmaker Seth Fragomen

Christopher Garbushian of I Love Factory (p.s. i love you!)

Twinzies!  Me with my sister from another mister, Linda Smyth of Rabid Fox and Topstitch Boutique

Artist Roy Miranda with DJs Kurtlife (of Plastic Little) and Hero

A lovely chap who forgot to bring his card!  (Con Mason Martin Margiela necklace)

The Devil Horns Kill The Matador

Sweet and Salty

yeah, so this happened

Illustrator and Designer Shay Bares

Laurel St. Romain and Christopher Garbushian of I Love Factory

Designer Zana Bayne


Sup, ladies?

Sensual Harassment


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