i love this city.

i am not a true lost fan.  let me get that out of the way.  i stopped 1/2 way thru season 3 and did not pick back up until the season finale last year at the bell house.  madness.

i am in now, tho (and watching all of the episodes i haven’t seen, my man is lovely and is revisiting them with me)

previously on lost.  epic band.  fantastic front men.

j.j. abrams master of new media / media integration (ie Oceanic flights on sale thru Expedia)

sent Daniel Dae Kim, Jorge Garcia,  Damon Lindelof, and Carlton Cuse

to the Knitting Factory to watch the final episode before the show’s 2.5 hour finale.

i love this city.

we drank Dharma Beers

watched a free encore performance from Previously on Lost

and hung out  with characters and writers from the show.



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