An Evening with Iggy

Tonight is the Ray Ban Aviator Re-Launch party.  not my favorite style of the moment, i am still excited to go see Iggy and the Stooges perform with opening act Free Energy.  lots of photos, i promise.  this should be a good week, with parties tonight and tomorrow evening with V Magazine and Matthew Williamson in Meatpacking.. i am still unsure of what to wear tomorrow. new shoes – check.  amazing 2 finger rabid fox ring in rose gold – check.  clothes? NO IDEA.  fortunately i will be working at Convent tomorrow (172 Stanton St, Lower East Side if you want to visit me!) so i am hoping owner Travis Wayne will help me find something stunning to wear…

new aviator sunglasses for Ray Ban

Ray Ban Capsule Collection Aviator Glasses

aaand me. in aviators. 2004? anyone who told me they liked my hair back then? you lied. it's awful.


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