Perceived Perception; Open Studios at ISCP

my good friend Ben Dierckx has been in town from Belguim for the last few months working in his studio space in Williamsburg Brooklyn in the well known ISCP artist space.  There is an open studio for all of the artists, many of whom, like Ben, have been sponsored to come to this country specifically to make art at the international studio & curatorial program. last week he shared his instillation pieces with me.  playful and interactive, Ben Dierckx’s latest works deal with inanimate objects perception of its surrounding space and how individuals interact and react within it.  We were joined by Clifford Owens, a well know performance and visual artist, who spent some time playing/fighting/loving and in the end being exhausted by Ben’s art.  i absolutely recommend visiting him, open studios run thru May 16th.


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