Tuesday, April 27th; Smiley Faces Charity Event

i am fortunate enough to have a few pieces of my clothing line be a part of a charity auction to help underprivileged children receive surgery for cleft pallets.  The red carpet event was full of lovely people looking fantastic and ready to donate to a really good cause.  The online auction will be up with in a few days, and not only will you find a blouse and necklace from i still love you, there will be other amazing luxury items from designers large and small (think Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior to name a few..) all in all the night was quite a success – the drinks were flowing, the short film about the cause was moving, the band that played (locksley) was full of cuties… and thank you so much to Kiehls for the fantastic gift bags!  My hair and skin are so soft right now!

Thank you Smiley Faces.  Your cause is a good one.

Ninja Turtles on the bar

super soft skin and hair thanks to Kiehls

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