Thursday, April 1st, Manhattan

Easy Chic – great pieces, simply put together.

auburn leather jacket, cuffed jeans, no socks

easy peasy

simple & chic; the people of NYC put themselves together.

cute red boots

the combination of textures, dusty pastels and black

combat boots!

bikes make everyone look great

relaxed chic con PUPPY!

relaxed chic con puppy too!

fun tee, inward smile (heart)

nice leather jacket, good fitting jeans - men, it is sooo easy!

textured tunic length sweater, great smile

combination of plaid and floral

cardi, slim jeans, ballet flats. simple. chic.

LOVE fitted jeans in the hip hop world (p.s. YUMZ)

scarf, cardi, nice tote.


he's breakdance fighting, fool!

leather, draped cardigan, color combo

bike and trench!

leather jacket with printed harem pant, yes. please.

great proportions

best sign dude ever

twinzies! (possibly interns?)

simple, fantastic.

love the grey fur collar

Tourists; you’re adorable, you can stay

i apple NY, shredded jeans, fun kicks

her: fascinator him: fun old timey bike tee

aaaaw ::heart::

put together well.



yummy mummy

chunky necklace

distressed combat boot

black and brown, gams, platform shoes, hot pink toenails

love the hat!




giant Michael Madsen!!!

Taking fashion tips from Ugly Betty, episode where Vanessa Fox's character starts the jumpsuit trend haha

Fashion Forward



fashion friends - green leather jacket, awesome sunglasses

fashion friends - cute dress, great kicks


Conductor chic! Choo! Choo!

cuffed slim jeans with boots

yes. please.

her hair piece is off the chain

fashion friends - hott

yes. everyday, yes.

one day, my man will be just like him. (great bow tie from the front too)

mash up!

drop crotch pant, back and mauve, he needs to shop at Convent.


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