adam took me to the loveliest restaurant last night called Katja in the lower east side.  it was sooooooooo yummy!!! we had the sausage sampler – which has 3 different types of sausage, pork belly (one of mah faves!) sauerkraut, and some of the most buttery and melt in your mouth dumplings ive ever had!!  dude, it was so good!  and real reasonable in price too!  we each had some big draft beers AND the best desert!  warm chocolate cake with orange marmalade (they call it marmalade, i call it zesty orange orgasm) and a big scoop of schlag!  for those of you who dont know, schlag is homemade whipped cream that is both dense and airy at the same time – i have one girlfriend who is so obsessed with the stuff that when she goes to Peter Luger she gets a to-go cup to bring home with her!  (and the bitch is skinny so she can do that haha)

oh, and the waitress really liked my Rabid Fox ring, but obvs who wouldnt?!

later gater

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