i want to tease you!

heeheehee i really do! WINK! hahaha so, i’m heading to philly in a lil, going to check out my lovely ladies over at Topstitch Boutique for their First Friday!!! woohooo!  They are showcasing the amazing  Kris Chau’s illustrations and paintings.  i cannot wait!  also, it’s gonna snow!  you know what that means?  actually you dont because i havent told you about my new SNOW SUIT yet!  i want to do a posting on it, but it hasnt snowed here yet!  there is supposed to be 16″ coming down in philly tonight and i thought, what a great occation to rock mah new snow suit!  huuurah!  photos coming sooooooon! 

but sense i have some more hemming to do first, aaarg, i am not gonna be able to finish my 2 new illustrations! 😦 so! im gonna TEASE YOU! HAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. damn skippy.

love you guys!  have a great weekend if i dont get on here till Monday

detail of the Oak Harmony Army Fisherman Pants (and remem, this will be all beautifully colored and rendered once i am done!)


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