on another illustration today 🙂  i am SOOO ADDICTED to drawing!!   i also have some hemming to do, i went vintage shopping the other day and got some really fantastic finds!  a few of the dress are too long to be aplicable to todays aesthetics, so i am going to make them sessy and short!  woohoo! i likey sessy!  if you want to check any of them out, stop by Topstitch Boutique anytime after tomorrow!  anyway, im going to be away from the compy for a bit today, just wanted to pop in and say hi to ya’ll.  im so excited that you guys like my blog and are interested in what i am doing!  i will defs have another fun illustration to post later today!  i have to work on some jewelry today too, (i still love you spring 2010), not that you guys will get to see it until a month from now, but i can start to tantalize you with the idea of it, cant i?!

love you!


photo by Brain Gravy


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