clothes, i make em!


so i know i have very vaguely touched on the fact that i am a clothing, jewelry and accessories designer.  my line is called i still love you and at the moment can only be found at Topstich Boutique.  i hope to expand soon, look into manufacturing and all of that terrifying stuff, but at the moment i am making everything by hand and each piece is one of one.  that’s right ladies!  get an i still love you original and know for a fact that no one else in the world has that article of clothing!



One thought on “clothes, i make em!

  1. These look super hot! After taking a 6 month vacation from my machine, I too am back in clothing making mode. I made Dustin 4 pairs of jeans in one week… I so love creating clothes. Do you have any pictures of your clothing online? Or, can I buy them anywhere online through Top Stitch? Let a sister know, much love xox

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