An Afternoon in Richmond


We went to Richmond for an afternoon, the area is very posh and fun for site seeing.  They have a very beautiful park in the centre, where they keep 2 different types of deer as well as many other types of wild life that you can walk right up to.  its a wonderful little escape in the centre of a bussling town.   At certain times of the year the hunters come in and cull the deer, durring that time the butchers in the area are chock full of fresh venison. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  After the park, we headed to the river to see a boat race and grab a cleansing pint of ale, twas a fun day to be sure!

An English Rose

When Adam and i get married in 2011, i plan on having the flowers reflect the different places we have lived, both individually and together.  i think that it will be a beautiful representation of the union we are creating as a couple and as 2 families coming together.  Adam’s mother has an allotment right down the street from their home in Surbiton, and one of the gardeners has a massive amount of flowers spilling from his section.  These photos are from both the allotment as well as from a small town in Kent.

Thinking of Summer on a cold day – UK Scapes

These are some landscape photos i took during my last trip to London… the ones in this post are all from outside the city from different day trips we took. We traveled to several different areas – Dungeness, which is a lunar wasteland by the sea, and Oxford, home of Oxford University and Harry Potter (facepalm). Dungeness is absolutely stunning, like no where else i have been. The beaches are covered in pebbles and small stones smoothed by the tumbling of the waves, and here and there you can see small tufts of Sea Kale. The fish and chips are to die for and they have a mini steam train that was built to the exact specifications of a regular size train – just mini! There is also a nuclear power plant, ominous in the background as people fish into the sea…

Even tho i am marrying into a Cambridge family, Adam and i spent a lovely day wandering around the streets of Oxford, taking in the sights and even having a spot of high tea – scrumptious! The architecture in the city is absolutely breath taking and made even more so by the tumultuous skies. Also, it is so amazing, especially for an American, do be in such an old city, even the pubs make one feel as if they have been transported back in time….