hi, im back


so it has been a while, like 2 years almost since i last posted. i apologize interwebs, i have not forsaken you! so. a lot has happened in the last year. got a corporate job. hated my job. kept my job. got promoted. got sent to europe. job got worse. got laid off. and now i am here, trying out my own way. i HAVE to make it this time or i will have to go back to an office where my head will explode. so. i will do this. i will make it awesome – because i am awesome – and because i know what IS awesome. so. this blog will be about: fashion, fashion illustrations – both done by me and done by others (WWD had a really great story about Danny Roberts the phenomenal fashion illustrator behind Igor + Andre – i just saw today and i am totes OBSESSED! also, we have the same favorite artist: Egon Schiele) it will be about sewing – right now i am working on a line of accessories that i hope to start selling quite soon at Top Stitch Boutique in philadelphia as well as boutiques in nyc.. what else? i make food! delicious food! and have dinner parties! all on quite a shoe string budget too! so there will be recipies, i’ve started illustrating some of them, one of those will be posted today…

i dont know. basically, i am going to make this a kind of living diary of me. lifestyle, things im working on, photos from events, fashion, people on the street. i hope its fun for you. i think it will be. okie dokie! here i go!



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