poor men eat like kings

so last night i looked into the fridge, starving already, and there was barely anything in there. this is the way i usually cook. we had a baby eggplant, some corn on the cob a little chicken broth and a little ricotta cheese. the one thing i try to always have are fresh herbs, they make everything better. so the following is what i made with ingredients i scraped together. serves 2-3

1 medium red onion – finely diced
3-4 cloves garlic – chopped
1/8th of a box of orzo
1 corn on the cob – par boiled and then cut off of cob
1 baby eggplant – cubed (not peeled)
2-3 cups broth (i used half chicken half Marmite and hot water because that is what i had)
1/2 a small container ricotta cheese
handful fresh parsley – chopped
1 scallion – chopped
a few pats butter
a few tsp olive oil
sea salt & fresh ground pepper to taste

in a pot boil water and put the shucked corn on the cob in it to cook (about 15 min) chop onions and garlic and saute in butter, pinch of salt and small amount olive oil until onions are transparent. remove from pan and put aside. at this point start heating the broth in a small pot , do not boil and keep covered. heat the pan back up adding another tsp olive oil and lightly brown orzo. mix garlic and onions back in and then start to slowly add some of the broth. you want to have all of the orzo in liquid but not like soup. mix in chopped baby eggplant and corn. add small ladles full of broth when ever it has reduced in half (approx every 5-7 min) and stir often. repeat for 30-45 min or until the orzo is tender. fold in ricotta cheese and a little more salt. plate (or bowl) top with parsley, scallion and fresh ground pepper. enjoy!

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